Podcast | What prompted USA-led coalition to attack Syria

  • Podcast | What prompted USA-led coalition to attack Syria

Podcast | What prompted USA-led coalition to attack Syria

U.S. officials have said they have blood tests from civilians in Douma that prove the Assad regime used chemical weapons.

He added: "This will reduce the regime's ability to further attack the people of Syria with chemical weapons".

President Donald Trump says the United States has "launched precision strikes" on targets associated with Syrian chemical weapons program.

An official says in a statement today that President Donald Trump made clear past year that the use of chemical weapons was a red line not to be crossed.

"A perfectly executed strike last night".

President Trump, who said that the strikes were meant to be a "strong deterrent" against chemical warfare, now says "mission accomplished" and there "could not have had a better result".

McKenzie countered that "the Syrian response was remarkably ineffective in all domains".

Mattis described them as a "one-time shot" to send a strong message to Assad not to use chemical weapons again.

Last week, more than 40 civilians were killed in a suspected chemical attack in Douma outside the Syrian capital of Damascus.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the missile strikes carried out overnight in Syria had destroyed a "large part" of the Damascus government's stocks of chemical weapons.

Trump earlier this month had reluctantly agreed to keep US troops in Syria for an undetermined period of time to defeat ISIS.

The strikes were targeted to inflict maximum damage on sites linked to chemical weapons development. He said he believes those fixed storage facilities remain intact or were only slightly moved around.

Macron, talking about the Douma chemical attack, said: "Dozens of men, women and children were massacred with chemical weapons".

Russia condemned the United States, the United Kingdom and France for their joint retaliation strikes in Syria less than a week after Russian President Vladimir Putin had denied responsibility for a deadly chemical attack on a town east of Damascus.

He said worldwide investigators were ready to visit the site of the suspected attack in Douma. The Russian military claimed Syrian air defence systems had intercepted 71 Western missiles, though the Pentagon disputed that.

Russian social media buzzed Saturday with angry nationalist comments blasting Putin for failing to protect his ally.

Among the contentious proposals, the draft resolution would establish an independent investigation of allegations of chemical attacks in Syria with the aim of identifying the perpetrators.

"When he sees these sorts of things, they outrage him", said a source familiar with the internal debate at the White House.

"I spoke to the president this morning - and he said that if the Syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again, the United States is locked and loaded".