Modi to meet German Chancellor on way back from Britain

  • Modi to meet German Chancellor on way back from Britain

Modi to meet German Chancellor on way back from Britain

He added: "Strikes by US, France and United Kingdom make it clear the Syrian regime, together with Russian Federation and Iran, can not continue this human tragedy, at least not without cost".

Yoav Gallant, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet, said: "The use of chemical weapons crosses a red line that humanity can no longer tolerate".

"A perfectly executed strike last night".

Seibert said there was "serious evidence" that pointed to use of such weapons in violation of global law, and said Germany remained in close touch with the United States and other allies over how to respond.

"Could not have had a better result".

US President Donald Trump had earlier threatened military action against the Syrian government which he blamed for the alleged chemical attack.

"The military operation was necessary and appropriate in order to preserve the effectiveness of the worldwide boycott of chemical weapons and deter the Syrian regime from further violations", - quotes the head of the German government's Deutsche Welle.

"The military operation was necessary and appropriate to uphold the worldwide ban on chemical weapons and to warn the Syrian regime against further violations".

"Everything leads us to believe that (Assad) bears responsibility" for the Douma attack, Merkel said.

"Germany will not take part in possible military action — I want to make clear again that there are no decisions — but we see, and support this, that everything is being done to send a signal that this use of chemical weapons is not acceptable", Merkel told reporters in Berlin after meeting Denmark's prime minister.

Who's who in the Syria conflict?

Merkel also stressed, however, that the use of chemical weapons was always "unacceptable".

"Germany will strongly support all diplomatic steps in this direction", - assured the Chancellor.