March For Science' To Take Place Saturday In Downtown San Diego

  • March For Science' To Take Place Saturday In Downtown San Diego

March For Science' To Take Place Saturday In Downtown San Diego

The second edition of the march was organised in more than 200 cities across the globe attended by lakhs of scientists, research scholars, teachers and students.

The march started at the Barry Events Center and ended at the Marquette Commons with a rally.

People can also help by becoming citizen scientists and engaging in scientific research themselves, Cigliano said.

"We can not make decisions unless we know the truth and we know the facts".

" Additionally, there is a systematic attack on science and scientific attitudes including by influential leaders of the ruling dispensation in the form of questioning the theory of evolution, and positing bogus theories, fake history, unscientific claims of knowledge in ancient India, and advancing myths as historical fact", it added. "This way everyone can engage better in policy decisions".

Speakers in Washington on Saturday spoke about making scientific education and information accessible to all people, and not just scientists.

"The underfunding of science in the public sector is a very serious concern", said Gail Stevens, a member of Climate Justice Saskatoon. "We must invite the world to join us".

The march is organized raising demands including curbing propagation of unscientific ideas and for allocation of at least 3% of GDP for and 10% towards. "We have to overcome the reality that few or no faculty share our identities or fully understand our situation on campus and how we have to relate back to our communities".

People from the Grand Valley marched to defend and advocate for evidence-based science and it's role in society.

"Increased access to mental health services". Trump had established a long record of criticizing climate science and suggested it was a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese government, despite scientific evidence that contradicted those beliefs.