Facebook Stories Is Getting AR 3D Drawing And Instagram's Boomerang

Here's the Augmented Reality 3D Drawing's Demo video released by TechCrunch. "Stories" was first implemented in Snapchat, but has quickly been adopted by rivals Facebook and Instagram, which have launched their own Stories. With the availability of the AR-based 3D drawing feature clear signifies that a major push is being given to the Stories and it is said to help increase the popularity of stories and drive user engagement.

It's an interesting and fun feature to be fair to the firm, but Facebook Stories is still of dubious relevance at this stage.

Today in updates that no one asked for, Facebook is updating its Facebook Stories features in its app with two new features, Boomerang support and AR drawings.

In addition to the new 3D feature, Facebook has also rolled out an option to create and share boomerangs just like Instagram. Whatever you draw also stays static and does not disappear even if you move the camera away. It seems like the social media giant is facing issues getting people to use the feature on its platform.

The AR technology should also be able to detect objects from surfaces.

For optimal effect, it only wraps drawings around objects if it is confident about the object that it has detected. Users will then be able to wrap around their scribbles around the objects, but the technology is still far from ideal. Yes, there are millions of Facebook users who are making use of this Facebook Stories on a daily basis.

Apart from the new features, Facebook is also making the panel larger and adding a camera window in the status composer. However, the GIFs created using the earlier tool restarted from the beginning, creating a slightly jarring effect; with the new tool, which has seen huge success on photo sharing platform Instagram, users can now create seamless GIFs on Facebook Stories as well.