Commonwealth Games 2018: WATCH shocking moment Callum Hawkins COLLAPSES in marathon

  • Commonwealth Games 2018: WATCH shocking moment Callum Hawkins COLLAPSES in marathon

Commonwealth Games 2018: WATCH shocking moment Callum Hawkins COLLAPSES in marathon

You can not just wait at the finish line.

Gold went to Helalia Johannes from Namibia in two hours 32 minutes and 40 seconds. The Scot managed to get back to his feet after collapsing on the kerb.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Hawkins said: "Thanks for all your messages of support today and to the Gold Coast University Hospital staff".

It added: "In competition there are strict rules around accepting medical help and subsequent disqualification".

The 25-year-old Scotsman was physically unable to lift himself up off the ground for a significant amount of time.

"This is simply a crime that no medical person had even come close to help this runner".

Still the spectators were told to watch on.

The sight of Hawkins crashing into the bridge railing and collapsing on the road sparked an angry reaction from commentators and on social media, with Games organisers and nearby spectators criticised for their reaction.

His comments were met with disbelief and anger by many.

Hawkins was not the only victim of the searing 30C morning heat on the Gold Coast with Uganda's Munyo Solomon Mutai also suffering in the final 5km.

Weightman&rsquo compatriot Jessica Trengrove took bronze for the Games in a row to put in another medal to the host nation's tally.

Channel 7's Bruce McAvaney had said he looked "disorientated" just a few seconds before the runner stopped and bent over with his hands on his knees.

Fearnley had gone straight to the fore and led through the half way point in 42:59, a minute and 10 seconds ahead of the chase group featuring Smith, Lawson and Canada's Tristan Smyth. "That should never happen", she said on Twitter.

"People should help him", she said. "I think it's disgraceful".

The men's race provided some sort of drama with two athletes dropping off in strong medal positions. But there is one thing more important than that.

"He will have family at home who can see this. Group Scotland staff & you will find no issues at this stage is supporting him". Peters said help arrived "within agreed response guidelines and time-frames". "He was done three minutes ago", McAvaney said.

"And finally somebody arrives".

"This is distressing. Incredibly distressing". He pushed away initial attempts by medics to help him.

It was little surprise Hawkins could not finish the race, such was his physical distress, and after race officials attended to him on the course he was taken to hospital for a medical review.

Hawkins was not the only athlete to suffer in brutal conditions.

"So what you think you want - sometimes you get ideas in you head that you think is what's happening - can be quite different from reality".

"I'm absolutely delighted to get the bronze but I'm disappointed for Callum who couldn't make it to the end because he was going so well", said Simpson.

"What we're seeing is hard to watch".

Simpson told BBC Sport he had sympathy for Hawkins because marathon runners have "always got conflict because part of the race is not listening to your body".

"I wasn't sure what was going on", the Australian said, about seeing Hawkins in trouble.

"I heard he is a bit better so I really hope he's alright". I'm glad to be finished to be honest.