Victor of $533 million Mega Millions jackpot is MI native

  • Victor of $533 million Mega Millions jackpot is MI native

Victor of $533 million Mega Millions jackpot is MI native

New Jersey lottery officials on Friday revealed the victor of a $533 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Forty-seven-year-old Richard Wahl, of Vernon, New Jersey, was introduced today during a news conference at lottery headquarters after winning the half-billion March Mega Millions drawing, the largest single jackpot in state history. "We're going to try to do some good things with that". He said he kept the ticket in a fire proof sale and checked the number 15 times over the weekend "in case it magically changed or something".

And his lucky numbers? He spent $20 on quick pick tickets and a Diet Coke just hours before the numbers were drawn. "Family, friends, people in need", he said, reported.

"Actually the weird thing is my mom actually called me before I wanted to tell her and told me 'I heard somebody in New Jersey won the lottery, was it you?'" Wahl said.

Wahl was joined Friday by New Jersey Lottery Acting Executive Director John M. White, and Acting State Treasurer Elizabeth Maher Muoio. The store's owner, Ameer Krass, said he believes it's a store regular.

Richard Wahl, of Vernon, attended a news conference Friday at NJ Lottery headquarters and said he moved from MI to take a job with AAK Food Services in Hillside.

The prize was a $533 million annuity but he is taking the $324.6 million cash option instead. Wall took an extra two days.

"This guy has to watch himself", he said of New Jersey's big victor. "Everybody looks for a handout". They are also required to participate in a press conference.

New Jersey's only other appearance on the top-10 Mega Millions winnings list was in 2007 when the state shared a $390 million jackpot with Georgia, according to the Mega Millions website. Wahl's win was the fourth-biggest in the game's history.