Over 100 missiles fired at Syria, 'significant number' intercepted: Moscow

  • Over 100 missiles fired at Syria, 'significant number' intercepted: Moscow

Over 100 missiles fired at Syria, 'significant number' intercepted: Moscow

But other advisors want to use the opportunity to convince Trump, who wants to pull USA forces out of Syria once the Islamic State jihadist group is defeated, to take a tough stance. Putin added that the strike had a "destructive influence on the entire system of global relations". Striking at Assad's capacity to deploy chemical weapons sends a powerful signal that the use of these heinous weapons will not be tolerated.

The targets of that strike included Syrian aircraft, aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage facilities, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems and radar. Syrians poured into the streets for defiant demonstrations of their national pride.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was not seen publicly Friday, but he is known to argue for ensuring that military action in any context is linked to a broader political strategy.

She said Russian Federation had used its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to prevent a proper worldwide investigation of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime in its ongoing civil war.

On Tuesday, Russia took its response a step further and vetoed the US-backed United Nations resolution that condemned the apparent chemical attack. Putin added that Russian military experts who inspected Douma found no trace of the attack.

May dismissed as "grotesque and absurd" a claim by Russian Federation, which intervened in the war in 2015 to back Assad, that the Douma attack was staged by Britain.

France's foreign minister says the "chemical escalation" in Syria is not acceptable because it's violating the rules of war and of humanity.

She said: "This persistent pattern of behaviour must be stopped - not just to protect innocent people in Syria from the horrific deaths and casualties caused by chemical weapons but also because we can not allow the erosion of the worldwide norm that prevents the use of these weapons". Another official said that targets were being carefully selected with the aim of damaging Assad's ability to conduct further gas attacks.

"This is hard to do in a situation like this", he said, in light of the volatility of chemical agents.

- The only retaliatory action was some Syrian surface-to-air missile activity, the United States said. But the description from an ally described things differently.

Defence Minister Florence Parly said cruise missiles had been fired, in coordination with the United States and Britain.

The British Ministry of Defense said the Tornadoes targeted a Syrian chemical weapons site in Homs.

The planes fired Storm Shadow missiles at a facility where the United Kingdom said the Assad "regime is assessed to keep chemical weapon precursors stockpiled".

"Britain's defense ministry said "very careful scientific analysis" had been applied to maximize the destruction of stockpiled chemicals while minimizing any risk of contamination to surrounding areas".

A chemical weapons equipment storage facility and command post near Homs.

British leader May said in London that the West had tried "every possible" diplomatic means to stop Assad from using chemical weapons.

However Russia has S-300 and the more recent S-400 systems protecting its air base and naval facility in Syria.

She said she approved "targeted and coordinated strikes to degrade Syria's chemical weapons capabilty and deter their use". "This was not about interfering in a civil war. It is not about regime change", May said in a statement. "So, I ordered the French armed forces to intervene tonight, as part of an worldwide operation in coalition with the United States of America and the United Kingdom and directed against the clandestine chemical arsenal of the Syrian regime".

Syrian officials have continually denied their forces used chemical weapons.

The strikes were launched at 9 p.m. ET, as most of Europe and the Middle East was shrouded in darkness. That April 2017 attack consisted of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The air strikes were limited in scope, lasting about an hour. He added that the US expects the Syrian government and its allies to conduct a "significant disinformation campaign", which the Pentagon would rebut with additional information Saturday morning. The territory where the Russian military bases are located were not touched.

U.S., British and French officials have expressed a high degree of confidence the attack on Douma by pro-Assad forces used chlorine gas, and that it also likely used another chemical agent, possibly sarin.

Hudson argues a limited, proportional response is the right call.

They seemed unlikely to have much impact on the balance of power in Syria's seven-year-old civil war, in which Assad's government has steadily gained the upper hand against armed opponents since Russian Federation intervened in 2015.

Many politicians in Britain, including some in May's own Conservative Party, had called for parliament to be recalled from a break to give authority to any military strike. The commission, which is investigating the attack on Douma, is an independent body established by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate human rights violations in Syria. "America does not seek an indefinite presence in Syria", he said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Saturday that the alliance "considers the use of chemical weapons unacceptable".

In his nationwide address, Trump stressed that he has no interest in a longtime fight with Syria.