Google launches Google Go, a lighter, faster way to search

  • Google launches Google Go, a lighter, faster way to search

Google launches Google Go, a lighter, faster way to search

The new Gmail is slated to launch within the next few weeks, Google has confirmed.

Beyond that, judging by screenshots sent to TechCrunch, Gmail users will be able to choose when the email expires and disappears into the ether.

Email snoozing will allow you to dismiss an email to reappear in your inbox at a specified time; useful if you are cleaning your inbox but don't have time to reply right away. It's less dramatic - and it's due to a security feature Google will test out on the new Gmail.

"The "More results" button will appear for searchers using the Google app for iOS & Android or major mobile web browsers other than Chrome for iOS - support for that is coming", the tweet further said. Similarly, there is also three information density setting available to select from.

The new feature will display much faster search results first and then display advertisements that are relevant to them, the company added.

The last effort made by Google to change Gmail's interface was when it introduced the Inbox concept, though the web version has not changed in appearance even after that change in 2014. Also, the new feature will be smoothly embedded in the compose screen of the Gmail website which will make it easier for the users to switch to the "Confidential Mode".

While users of G Suite never have their emails scanned for other Gmail users, in 2014, Google updated its terms of service to ensure users had full transparency in the context of Google scanning their email content. The compact view is most similar to the current Gmail layout.

On Thursday, technology giant Google sent an email to G Suite administrators.

Google is also keen to lure in more developers to build an app for Gmail Add-ons. It could be announced at Google's I/O conference on May 8th.

According to The Verge, Google will finally bring features such as "snooze" and "smart reply" to Gmail's web client, which have been available on Google's alternative mail client- Inbox by Gmail.