Quoting scripture for Good Friday

  • Quoting scripture for Good Friday

Quoting scripture for Good Friday

"In fact, it's so significant that we don't just remember it on Good Friday, but throughout the year". Following his arrest, he was taken to the house of Annas, the father-in-law of the high priest, Caiaphas. Today a few of our communications students launched out across campus asking questions specifically relevant to Easter, and here is what you told them. He also said the blood that oozed from Jesus' hands has helped Christians regain dominion over all that they touch. "When Christ your life appears, you will appear with him in glory". There is an old Russian Orthodox tradition that the day after Easter is dedicated to telling jokes as a way of imitating the joke God pulled on Satan at the Resurrection of Jesus.

Head of the Catholic church, Pope Francis said the ustification Jesus offered by dying on the cross "saves us from corruption", he said, stressing, as he often has, that while everyone is a sinner, Christians must never be corrupt.

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are also celebrated in India, especially in the Christian dominated regions in Mumbai, Goa and Northeast. We are encouraged to become our brothers' keepers and to understand the value of placing the collective good above individual gain. If the Sabbath mentioned was the weekly Sabbath, then that lends toward a Friday crucifixion. By adding an extra day, this alleviates the problem. The first is the one at the end of the crucifixion (Mark 15:42), which would have been the Passover. This takes a literal interpretation of the three days and three nights mentioned in Matthew 12:40. For, it is believed that Jesus died for the sins of the world and to save the entire human race.

Are schools closed on Good Friday?

Pretty much, everything should be open for those who celebrate Good Friday/Passover and those who do not.

As the story in the Bible goes, Jesus was crucified on the cross before he rose from the dead three days later. Obviously, the suffering Jesus went through on Good Friday was not good. How can that be good? Where God really demonstrated to his children the kind of love he has for them and one that they should have for each other. It ensured that the enemies of the Roman Empire were not only put to death, but that they were humiliated and debased in the process.

The thing is, despite Good Friday representing the anniversary of Jesus's death, it's also about the triumph of his rising again. Has Jesus washed away your sins and forgiven you? And when his disciples experience him in this new way they felt such euphoria that they were no longer afraid of anything, even of their own deaths!