Dawson's Creek cast reunites for 20th anniversary

  • Dawson's Creek cast reunites for 20th anniversary

Dawson's Creek cast reunites for 20th anniversary

Joey Potter and Pacey Witter still look insane in love, and Dawson's Creek fans are overjoyed to the point of tears.

After 20 years of starring on the hit show that catapulted their successful careers, James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes, and Joshua Jackson have reunited to celebrate Dawson's Creek's anniversary with Entertainment Weekly. "Dawson's Creek" ended its six-season run in 2003 with a definitive answer as to which man Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) would pick, but fans have continued to fight for their respective teams.

Fans of the show have grown up with the characters and with all seasons now streaming on Hulu, Dawson's Creek has earned an entirely new fan base as well.

The leading men and women of Dawson's Creek all got their own individual covers for the special issue, with real-life best friends Williams, who portrayed Jen Lindley, and Philipps, who played Audrey Liddell, posing together. And Joey (Holmes) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) proved to be the show's one true pairing, as they lived happily together in New York City.

The actors said the "Dawson's Creel" shooting location in Wilmington, North Carolina, made the cast like a close-knit family because of its isolation from NY and Los Angeles, where most other television shows were made.

"I loved that we were able to get in there in those formative years for people", Williams, now a four-time Oscar nominee, reflected.

"Kevin never insulted the audience and never insulted [the actors] by dumbing us down", Jackson added. That's why people, I think, are so connected to it. "I loved that part". And here I am, at another age, at another point in time. "But I'll be happy to watch it".