Protests move to capitol building after Sacramento officer-involved shooting

  • Protests move to capitol building after Sacramento officer-involved shooting

Protests move to capitol building after Sacramento officer-involved shooting

Many fans were turned away from entering the arena over safety concerns.

Linda Cantarutti was among the crowd in front of the arena. Further complicating matters were reports from Sacramento Police in the aftermath of the shooting saying Clark had a weapon, when it was later found he only had a cellphone in his possession.

Pastor Les Simmons has been with Clark's family since the shooting.

Bodycam and helicopter footage do not clearly show what Mr Clark was doing before he was shot in his own backyard. Then they said he had a crowbar. "Just because they're cops does not let them stand above the law".

In a statement posted on the team's website, the Kings said they would be refunding all tickets purchased for the game.

"Show me your hands!" one of the officers yelled. Clinton Primm said he was friends with Clark for about six years and fears others are also at risk at being shot by police.

Hundreds of people rallied for Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old who was shot Sunday in the backyard of his grandparents' home.

No firearm was discovered at the scene. It was his cell phone.

Deputies in a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department helicopter saw a suspect shatter the sliding glass door of a house and then jump a fence to enter the yard of another house, police said.

By 11:30 p.m. the situation began to diffuse.

They called for the arrest of the two officers and demanded to see police Chief Daniel Hahn as they marched into City Hall.

During the protest on Thursday night, protesters chanted "Join us or go home", and that's basically what happened. "We are at a place of deep pain" because of recent violence directed at black people in Sacramento and elsewhere, said the Rev. Les Simmons, a community leader.

Kings player Garrett Temple told ABC Sports he fully supported the protesters, adding: "If I didn't have a job to do, I would probably be out there with them, you know, peacefully protesting cause what's going on has to stop. We have to bring healing to the family", he said.

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More than 200 demonstrators gathered on Thursday to denounce the shooting, in a protest organised by the Black Lives Matter movement. I raised my kids in the community where Stephon was killed.

Each one of BLM network's California chapters are thinking about ways to harness the attention on Clark's case to push forward with their policy work, Khan-Cullors said. Police later found at least three damaged vehicles. "Stop! Stop!" officers could be heard shouting.

"I'm genuinely sorry for their inconvenience but it was also important that people have an outlet for all the anger", he said.