Cynthia Nixon Criticizes Cuomo, Calls Albany "Cesspool" in First NY Campaign Stop

  • Cynthia Nixon Criticizes Cuomo, Calls Albany

Cynthia Nixon Criticizes Cuomo, Calls Albany "Cesspool" in First NY Campaign Stop

"Cynthia Nixon was opposed to having a qualified lesbian become mayor of New York City".

USA actress and liberal activist Cynthia Nixon, one of the stars of the hit television series Sex And The City, announced on Monday she would run for governor of NY, challenging incumbent Andrew Cuomo for the Democratic nomination.

"She's an accomplished actress, a supporter of political causes and that's a good thing", Quinn explained.

"She's also been an active activist, but there's a big difference from running the state of NY and speaking at a rally", she said. "Participating in rallies is important". Supporter Christine Quinn, who mounted an unsuccessful bid for mayor of New York City in 2013, gave an interview to the New York Post in which she derided Nixon as "an unqualified lesbian". You have to be qualified and have experience.

Reflecting the surrounding demographics, the audience was made up nearly entirely of African-Americans, a population she argued the current governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, has disregarded, with too little investment in public schools, too little effort made at eradicating inequality, too much capitulation to big-moneyed interests and venal and corrupt state legislators.

Despite the comments, Quinn admitted that she and Nixon share their interest and support of the progressive position, but it's her celebrity she's not a fan of.

"But she's never run an organization".

Winsome Pendergrass by Kadia Goba  BKLYNER
Winsome Pendergrass by Kadia Goba BKLYNER

"I stand by my belief that she is unqualified to be the governor of NY, but sincerely apologize for the impression my comment clearly delivered".

But her campaign may test the appetite of New Yorkers for a celebrity leader in the age of United States President Donald Trump, a deeply unpopular figure in NY among Democrats.

Quinn did clarify on Twitter that she wasn't attacking Nixon for being a lesbian: "I would never, ever criticize someone due to their identity", she noted. As a lesbian who ran one of the most high-profile races in the country, I know what that's like.

For her part, Nixon kicked off her first campaign speech earlier today in Brooklyn by revealing that there was a reason she was late to her own party: Her train was delayed. "And I'm running for governor because I love this state".

Nixon responded to Quinn's remarks to the New York Post by telling the publication that neither her nor Quinn's identity as a lesbian was an issue.

Nixon also brushed off Quinn's interview with The Post.