Apps built for Android 4.1 or lower may be blocked from running

  • Apps built for Android 4.1 or lower may be blocked from running

Apps built for Android 4.1 or lower may be blocked from running

Google recently rolled out the first developer preview of the Android P and now some of the features of the upcoming OS are being unearthed. As per latest reports, app developers will now be required to target a minimum API level of 17, which is the same as Android 4.2. Nonetheless, Google has a new MIN_SUPPORTED_TARGET_SDK_INT class starting with this year's Android P, and this indicates the minimum supported API level for a device. Apps targeting lower API levels will fail to install and run on this version of the OS. While there are varying opinions on the notch, a new thing that Google is seemingly working on - with its next major Android version - may just receive a thumps up from a larger audience, especially those who've been wanting only the latest and greatest of apps to work on their Android phones.

Google also laid on the emphasis on the environment Android 8.0 Oreo provides to the smartphones, attacking on the ransomware on the whole. Since then, the platform has embodied Google's wearables strategy for Android-powered smartwatches.

Google has done a great deal to increase its bug bounty programs and $1.28m was paid out to researchers that participated in the Android Security Rewards program. Play Protect also helped Google scan 65 percent more apps in its Play store for potential malware and other threats compared with 2016, he said. It had also said that "Play Store apps would have to target an API level no more than one year older" than the current release. It appears with Android P, the change will take effect fully.

Google's work to shore up Android security included collaborating with several device manufacturers to ensure they had up-to-date versions of Android running on their devices. Some old apps, despite being functional, may contain security vulnerabilities. Or you will have to stick to your old smartphones or Android versions in order to use such apps.