Google will now let users buy items through Assistant and search

  • Google will now let users buy items through Assistant and search

Google will now let users buy items through Assistant and search

Google Inc. aims to challenge Inc.'s dominance of the e-commerce market by making it easier for traditional retailers to put their products in front of users. This allows customers to shop their site through the Google Express app or by saying things like "buy peanut butter from Walmart", to place a quick voice order with Google Assistant's help.

Google started the new program after observing that mobile searches asking where to buy products had risen by 85 percent over the past two years, the company noted in its blog post.

While it seems like Amazon continues to take over the online shopping every year, Google isn't going to just sit around and let that happen. The new Google program, Shopping Actions, will be available in the United States to retailers of all sizes and could help retail chains keep those customers. The fee is separate from what retailers already pay Google to advertise on the service. Target, which has been live for 6 months, says its Google Express shopping baskets increased almost 20 percent, on average.

The U.S. technology company is teaming up with retailers including Target Corp, Walmart Inc, Home Depot Inc, Costco Wholesale Corp and Ulta Beauty Inc.

GOOGLE HAS announced partnerships to enable a "where can I buy...." query in searches, with a particular focus on Google Assistant (of course).

"We see ourselves as part of a solution for retailers to be able to drive better transactions. and get closer to the consumer". And according to Google, early partners saw their customers' chopping cart value increase an average of 30% as a result.

And Search Engine Journal raises other issues, including whether partner offers will be labelled as such and whether voice searches using Google Assistant and Google Home will return the lowest price - or default to a partner retailer. Mind you, it wasn't a small number of consumers either, rather tens of millions of people.

Anything that affects search ad revenue has the potential to impact GOOGL stock. Some of these were detailed in the company's official announcement of Shopping Actions, as the program is called.