Alamogordo students peacefully protest Parkland shooting

  • Alamogordo students peacefully protest Parkland shooting

Alamogordo students peacefully protest Parkland shooting

"We take classes on math and science; we should not have to take classes on how to dodge bullets", Central High School Student Body President Erin Farmer told the crowd. And they did not delve into what provoked the Florida attack. "I'm hoping they see that we've been brought up in a world that kind of got pretty messed up over the last 20 years and that we're not going to just sit there and pout about it".

"(Shootings) are happening so much, and it won't stop until politicians make a change in the gun laws", Gonzalez said. Students everywhere deserve to feel safe at school. "They're people with stories and lives and families and friends", said Daphne Maki, a senior at Houghton High School. "I still have more things planned", he said. Emma Gonzalez and all the other Douglas kids have shown us that we have a voice even if we don't have a vote yet.

Students at Lincoln Park High School observe a moment of silence in honor of those killed in the Parkland, Fla., in Chicago. He commended Principal Mark Manning's handling of the event, but said hearing all those names was "powerful, and kind of sad", and convinced him it was time to take a stand. "Therefore, we do not support this protest, and our expectation is that students will remain in the building, as we are unable to provide the same level of safety outside in an open area".

He said the school initially wasn't planning to have the walkout.

No one really has the magic answer that will make the students and teachers who died on February 14 the last ones to lose their lives so horrifically, so senselessly.

Students chose widely different ways to demonstrate at the four high schools.

The date is the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine, Colo., massacre where 12 high school students and a teacher were killed.

At the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, a pluralistic school in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, students gathered in a parking lot outside the school.

The League said they are not looking to influence any students and they fully support the right to protest.

I'm glad so many schools, and so many students, took part in events in Berks County on Wednesday. "When one school hurts, I feel as if all schools hurt, due to the fact that that sort of incident could happen at literally any school".

As written by the ACLU, "Too often, adults discipline students for expressing their opinions or simply being themselves". They carried signs with messages like "Never again" and 'Am I next?' "I don't think guns should be accessible so easily, and obviously there are consequences when they get in the wrong hands".

What was the atmosphere like when you left the school?

"I think it contributes to the significant impact we students have had on the gun control debate".

President Donald Trump initially responded by claiming he supported raising the minimum purchasing age to 21 for all guns, but a March 11 White House proposal on gun policies retreated from the age change and instead pressed for arming teachers as a deterrent to school shootings.

The Women's March formed between pro-abortion and other radical movements previous year in the wake of Donald Trump's surprise election win over Hilary Clinton.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Emma Gonzalez and her classmates said they wanted to send a message to lawmakers.

After a series of school shootings, the U.S. Solidarity is what makes us strong, and it's the only way we'll be able to push through the noise coming from the National Rifle Association and truly make meaningful change - not just in our schools, but throughout the entire country.