The Flash "Run, Iris, Run" Preview Clips

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The Flash "Run, Iris, Run" Preview Clips

"Run, Iris, Run" will offer the opportunity for characters to take on different roles and shake things up. Then she was spotted in "The Elongated Knight Rises" episode.

The Flash is Barry's show, so it makes sense that the focus is usually on him.

Will Iris prove to be a worthy speedster? "Iris is a journalist, and I don't know how that's going to shape up on the show, but I do know we want to have her back on her job in some capacity". Whether it was the purple speed force effect (easy enough to accomplish), the cool costume (which I do hope we get to see again), or the "Iris-vision' we got when she first raced into the burning building, this wasn't about Iris becoming Lady Flash, it was Iris becoming her own hero". Instead, it might just be the single most economical hour of storytelling we've seen from this show all season. It's something that Patton told reporters after a press screening (via TV Line) that her experience with Barry's speed helped her rediscover. Maybe we can see her use something she's seen in her usual spot during crises in her new position as the speedster.

Played by Black Sails' Jessica Parker Kennedy, Mystery Girl bears a resemblance to Candice Patton's Iris, talks fast (and sometimes in techno-babble) like Barry and seemed overly excited to be on hand for the WestAllen wedding.

Which TV Vigilante Are You? . This could also give them the opportunity to explore Killer Frost's concern for Caitlin that was introduced in "Enter Flashtime". "I think it reignited to her that she still has to find that, and that journalism is a thing that she kind of put to the side to kind of take up the mantle at S.T.A.R. Labs, but it's still a part of her, and it's still the reason that she wakes up".

Maybe she'll be able to help Barry figure something out from the perspective of a speedster that he can use once he gets his speed back and eventually faces off against DeVoe again.

Patton said she only learned about the episode right before it was shot, giving her little time to prepare. Was that just a coincidence?

One popular theory about the mysterious female character is that she could be Barry and Iris's daughter, Dawn West, as she is familiar with everyone on Team Flash and suddenly show's up whenever they are at Gitters.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of The Flash, "Run Iris, Run", below. The most recent theory, however, has been that she's actually the new Earth-3 speedster Jay Garrick mentioned in last week's episode of The Flash.

The Flash continues with a new episode next week, "Subject 9", at 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 20, on The CW.