Teacher accidentally fires gun in classroom, students injured

  • Teacher accidentally fires gun in classroom, students injured

Teacher accidentally fires gun in classroom, students injured

A teacher in California accidentally fired his gun in a classroom, injuring three students, says Californian Police.

"We want to make you aware of an accident that occurred in the Administration of Justice class today at Seaside High School".

Alexander also serves as a reserve officer for Sand City police and is a Seaside city councilman.

Fragments from the bullet ricocheted off the ceiling lodged in the neck of a 17-year-old student, KSBW Channel 8 reports.

Alexander has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation has been launched.

. The teacher reportedly apologized to the stunned group of students.

The injury was not serious, although the student's parents took him to the hospital.

Seaside Police Chief Abdul Pridgen told the Monterey County Weekly that a male student was "struck in the neck by "debris or fragmentation" from something overhead.' " Pridgen said whatever hit the student was not a bullet.

"The safety of your student is always our top priority, and we will continue to remain vigilant in our efforts to keep them safe while they are under our care", the statement said.

"I have concerns about why he (Alexander) was displaying a loaded firearm in a classroom".

Teachers are legally not allowed to have firearms in California classrooms, even if they have a permit.

"We're looking into any violation of city ordinance or the penal code and we'll determine whether or not there are any applicable charges", Pridgen said.

Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Superintendent P.K. Diffenbaugh echoed Ferrante's thoughts.

"I think a lot of questions are on parents' minds are, why a teacher would be pointing a loaded firearm at the ceiling in front of students", Diffenbaugh told KSBW.

Guns in schools are illegal in California but there is an exception for peace officers or those granted specific permission.

Alexander has been placed on administrative leave as the officials look into the incident.

He adds that, "Clearly, we will revisit this incident to ensure that something like this would never happen again".

The incident comes as gun control has become a central issue following the deadly shooting last month at a Florida high school. President Donald Trump has propagated the idea of arming teachers with guns.