Man arrested in Nicaragua for murder of nursing student

  • Man arrested in Nicaragua for murder of nursing student

Man arrested in Nicaragua for murder of nursing student

An worldwide manhunt is underway for the man that authorities suspect killed a 22-year-old Westbury woman last week in her home near Binghamton University, where she was a nursing student, police said.

Nicaragua National Police told the network that Tercero was being transferred to the prison in El Chipote, about 40 miles southwest of the capitol, Managua. Authorities have ruled the death a homicide but have not released additional details about how she was killed.

Authorities with the Binghamton Police Department had said Tercero "had fled" from the United States to Nicaragua before police found Anderson's body during a welfare check Friday.

Initially police described a person of interest in the case as a former boyfriend of Anderson who left the country shortly before the body was found. Tercero flew to Nicaragua before police found the victim's body, authorities said. If he has dual citizenship, according to Zikuski, there's a chance the country may not extradite him.

Anderson was last seen alive around 4 a.m. on Thursday and was with her roommates before she went missing, police said.

Tercero allegedly "fled the United States via global air to Nicaragua prior to the discovery of Haley Anderson's deceased body", according to a statement released by police. Anderson, a nursing student at the State University of NY at Binghamton, was from Westbury, Long Island.

The two had dated and a friend described Tercero and "obsessive and insane".

Authorities are trying to determine if Tercero is a USA citizen, the ABC report said.

The roommate says Anderson and friends were playing board games and drinking wine the night before her death and that the roommates became concerned when Anderson stopped responding on the phone.