Twitter blocks accounts for "tweetdecking"

  • Twitter blocks accounts for

Twitter blocks accounts for "tweetdecking"

This process goes against the new rules Twitter put in place at the end of February that were meant to maintain the organic nature of how tweets gain popularity. According to BuzzFeed, Twitter targeted some of these accounts because they are known for "tweetdecking", a practice where multiple accounts are used in mass-retweeting each other's posts.

Buzzfeed reported that numerous suspended accounts includes @Dory, @GirlPosts, @SoDamnTrue, @reiatabie, @commonwhitegiri, @teenagernotes, @finah, @holyfag, and @memeprovider.

Several of these accounts were very popular with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. However, the accounts have reportedly been suspended for violating spam policies that forbid mass duplication and impersonation. These users are so named because they gather in private Tweetdeck groups to plot out their plans to manufacture virality. This behavior is against rules of Twitter.

Lately, Twitter has come under scrutiny over spamming and fake accounts on its website.

Still, there are so many problems to be addressed on Twitter.

Moreover, many suspended accounts were allegedly accused of breaking Twitter's spam policy, which explicitly prohibits users from selling, purchasing or attempting to artificially inflate account interactions. However, the move of Friday to suspend known tweetdeckers is just a great action taken by the company. It's not certain that if the suspensions are permanent or not.

Twitter already made a significant change earlier this year to prevent tweetdecking; it removed the option to send the same tweet across multiple accounts simultaneously.