This "American Idol" contestant's first kiss was with judge Katy Perry

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This "American Idol" contestant's first kiss was with judge Katy Perry

Lionel Richie, who is on the judges' panel alongside Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, told us that he's been very excited to join the show, and he thinks that enthusiasm will be contagious for the show's viewers.

Season two finalist and CT resident Kimberley Locke gives us a whole recap.

With Lionel Richie and Katy Perry by his side, Bryan proved what kind of judge he was going to be right out of the gate: encouraging and enthusiastic, but also truthful and trustworthy. The sixteenth season of American Idol kicked off with the three judges critiquing aspiring singers in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Orlando.

American Idol continues next Sunday night on ABC with more auditions. She performed "Young, Dumb and Broke" by Khalid, and Lionel loved the quality of her voice. Over the years, viewership declined as judges were shuffled and winning contestants were less successful, plus competition increased from other reality TV shows such as "The Voice", "America's Got Talent" and "The X Factor". Eventually, she stuck out her foot, put the golden ticket between her toes and made William come and take it. Sent packing by the judges, Koby complains bitterly to the camera that "Katy was jealous" of her. She is also the first to receive a golden ticket to Hollywood. He admits to the judges that he's never kissed a girl, and gets knocked for a loop when Perry tricks him into a kiss on the lips. Spit out the name of any contestant from Season 15's Top 10. Perry said his presentation felt a bit "rushed", and added "maybe that's because I sped up your BPM".

Layla Spring brought out her little sister, Dixie, to sing a song together before her own audition. Like Turner, Lorenzo says Katy Perry is HIS idol. She sang Ariana Grande's "Almost Is Never Enough" with professionalism far beyond her years. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Last month, a former personal stylist said that the 43-year-old television personality groped and slapped her. The judges believe she has the vocal chops, but want her to prepare herself for the rigors and disappointments of showbiz. He strums his battered guitar and sings a star-making rendition of "Unaware" by Allen Stone.