Spotify launched in South Africa

  • Spotify launched in South Africa

Spotify launched in South Africa

Apple Music may have gotten off to a shaky start, but the streaming service now boasts more than 38 million subscribers according to a recent statement from Apple executive Eddy Cue.

The world's largest music-streaming service, Spotify, will officially launch in South Africa this week. The company held a festive launch event this morning attended by some of the company's senior executives.

Spotify has found a new way to beef up its knowledge about music: The company has begun to solicit music metadata suggestions from its users, asking them to describe genres of albums or moods of songs. The platform also hosts podcasts which people can stream, as well as video content. Spotify has over 71 million premium subscribers as of December 31, 2017.

The service is free for the first month and then is R59.99 per month after the trial for the premium membership. The Israel launch means that Spotify is now available in 62 countries. The premium version of Spotify gives users unlimited skips, and allows them to listen to music while off-line.

Spotify's enormous lead over Apple notwithstanding, some industry observers believe that Apple Music may catch up to and overtake Spotify in just a few months because it appears to be growing at a much faster clip.

The company not only checks whether your submissions match what other users are saying, but also keeps track of your past performance.