Orlando resident snags a golden ticket to Hollywood on 'American Idol'

  • Orlando resident snags a golden ticket to Hollywood on 'American Idol'

Orlando resident snags a golden ticket to Hollywood on 'American Idol'

Both Philly-area contestants who made the cut for American Idol's season 16 premiere this week are on to the rebooted competition's next round. We're still early on in the audition process, and tonight Katy, Lionel, and Luke spend time in New York City, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, hoping to find a superstar. William Casanova, 26, is the next artist to audition, and he sings "A Song For You" for the judges.

Another country girl, 16-year-old Laila Spring from Kentucky heads to the audition with her little sister Dyxie. Fortunately, Noah also brought a stand-out performance of Rihanna's "Stay" that snatched Katy's wig and sent Noah with it to Hollywood.

Her next step? Heading back to Nashville. Katy was the only one who really leveled with Koby, telling her that her friends were lying to her when she explained they said she should try to be on American Idol. But if you don't have cable or an antenna, Sling Television offers a seven-day free trial, and it can get you access to ABC's live programming. So Harper is known as he worst National Anthem singer (keep in mind this was filmed before Fergie's recent rendition). He got three yes votes. You can be sure we'll be closely following her story as well! The judges believe she has the vocal chops, but want her to prepare herself for the rigors and disappoints of the biz. "And we'll see where it all goes". Her original song, "Never Stop", which was, in fact, one sentence, "The devil never stops coming after you", was delivered with such powerful ferocity that it overpowered the panel.

Glaze, 19, was among hopefuls who advanced far enough in auditions to try out their singing voices in front of the judges.

Cameron Theodos sang an original song, and even though the judges weren't super impressed by him, they thought he had potential to become something bigger and gave him a golden ticket. Nico Bones had the look of a rock singer, with plenty of attitude, but no sign of talent in his song, "Worms". Noah, meanwhile, immediately wins them over with his sparkling personality and his odd desire to own an alpaca. Like Turner, Lorenzo says Katy Perry is HIS idol.

When Alyssa Raghu auditioned on the premiere, each of the judges were blown away.

A quick trip back to NY, and it's a "yes" for 16-year-old Zach Denofrio, who has a high-pitched speaking voice but turns into a Frank Sinatra -type crooner when he sings.

The best thing that Dennis can do from here? The judges are blown away and he gets his golden ticket. Truthfully, there are some people that are just outsinging you right now, so I don't think it would be fair to put you in that kind of competition.

Two years after the singing contest ended its run on Fox amid dwindling ratings and steep production costs, it's getting the chance to prove itself again in an ABC version debuting 8 p.m. EST Sunday.