NFL Minute: How much better did the Browns' trades make them?

  • NFL Minute: How much better did the Browns' trades make them?

NFL Minute: How much better did the Browns' trades make them?

The acquisitions of quarterback Tyrod Taylor, wide receiver Jarvis Landry and cornerback Damarious Randall were met with approval by Thomas. The trades can't be formally announced until Wednesday, the start of the NFL's new year. McCarthy stood by him, however, and the coach's patience seemingly paid off as Randall bounced back and played well in the weeks that followed. He said that the Browns would pick probably him or a quarterback. He drafted poorly with the choices he retained. The addition of assistant GM Eliot Wolf and Vice President of Player Personnel Alonzo Highsmith helped.

The Cleveland Browns have won one game in the last two years, but appear to be primed for a major leap in the standings. My guess he would not have. "I think the one thing I've noticed in the National Football League this year or in the past years, I should say, is free agency moves very quickly". And he got a good pick, too. We do want to do this the right way. There's some people who can see where we're going and what our situation is.

Both moves make sense, with the Browns woefully thin at cornerback adding an average player gives them the building blocks of a nice rotation, and getting value for Shelton when they were unlikely to re-sign him is nice as well. All Cleveland needs is a breakaway running back and the Browns could get one with the No. 4 overall pick if Penn State's Saquon Barkley is still around.

Thank you, Captain Obvious, for that last observation. "Maybe NFL General Managers are on to something". Berry was in over his head, otherwise he would not have let Brown pass on Wentz and Watson. "We'll be prepared to know the spots in the draft that we need to move back (to) and who the players (are) we are able to take and acquire if we do move back".

It also follows the blueprint laid out by Sashi Brown, who was sacked in December when Dorsey was hired.

Haslam can be ruthless.

Or that Dorsey benefits from his plan. Banner led the renovation to FirstEnergy Stadium.

Landry signed a $16 million, one-year franchise tag Thursday with Miami, clearing the path for his trade. The Browns used more than $30 million in cap space in making those deals.

BUCCANEERS: Mike Evans agreed to a five-year, $82.5 million contract extension that makes him the second-highest paid receiver in the National Football League, behind Antonio Brown. Gordon got his feet wet late last year after having years off and showed that he can still make plays. He'll be looking for a big payday next winter if the Browns can't lock him up. We have seen that taking a quarterback with the 1st pick in the draft works, but the Browns refuse to see that.

Taylor has made a Pro Bowl. He has dealt with back and knee pain through much of his career.

Thomas had previously said he was a "closet fan" of Taylor's so the praise after the deal comes as little surprise. A player on the fence about such an important decision usually retires.

He was due $13 million for the 2018 season and his release gives Seattle a salary cap savings of about $11 million.

The Browns were expected to target a quarterback in free agency but instead have landed the dynamic Taylor, who will likely take over as Cleveland starter.

How the moves affect free agency will be interesting to watch.

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