Five Dead After NYC Helicopter Crash

  • Five Dead After NYC Helicopter Crash

Five Dead After NYC Helicopter Crash

Law enforcement officials lauded the men aboard the tug for their quick response. All five passengers aboard a private charter perished as the helicopter crashed into New York City's East River, not far from Roosevelt Island.

"Mayday, mayday, mayday", the pilot told air traffic controllers as it was going down, according to a recording of the radio call. "East River - engine failure".

The pilot survived after freeing himself, but the five passengers died, authorities said.

"It took a while for the divers to get these people out", he said. "We don't have a great deal to report yet, but will provide regular updates".

Argentina's NY consulate said Monday that Carla Vallejos Blanco was one of the victims in the crash Sunday night.

Only the pilot, identified by media outlets as 33-year-old Richard Vance, survived. Cadigan moved to the city in 2017, taking a video journalism job with Business Insider after finishing his journalism degree at Southern Methodist University and an internship with WFAA-TV.

The pair went to Bishop Lynch High School together and both graduated in 2010.

A helicopter went down in the East River Sunday night, fire officials said. Another passenger flashed a thumbs up.

The fifth victim was Daniel Thompson, 34, according to police. The National Transportation Safety Board said its investigative team would arrive on Monday.

It's unclear what caused Sunday's deadly crash.

The consulate of Argentina confirmed that Blanco, 29, was also on the helicopter, according to news outlets in the South American nation.

A bystander's video showed the helicopter land hard and then capsize in water about 50 feet (15 meters) deep. But the pilot appeared on the surface, holding onto a flotation device as the tugboat and then police boats approached.

"We're all still ... like really shaken up", another witness told ABC News. "It was under water".

Six people were on the privately chartered helicopter owned by Liberty Helicopters, which bills itself as the largest and most experienced helicopter sightseeing and charter service in the Northeast.

The Liberty Helicopters aircraft landed in the water at around 7pm. The agency said it was investigating.

"We have been in business and flying safely for over 30 years", the website says, though it makes no mention two previous crashes in just over ten years. In August 2009, nine people were killed after a helicopter and a small, private plane crashed into each other over the Hudson River.

"He was being instructed [to] look for the other helicopter because there was a mayday", Adams said.

Witnesses described seeing at least one person emerge from the helicopter and wave his hands for help.

A crash in October 2011 in the East River killed a British woman visiting the city for her 40th birthday. "They died because they drowned, whether they were trapped and couldn't get their harnesses undone".

Two years before that, in July 2007, a Liberty sightseeing chopper carrying eight people dropped into the Hudson River.

Twitter footage captured the moment the helicopter crashed. Three other passengers were injured.

This particular trip was a charter operation for a photo shoot, said James P. O'Neill, commissioner of the New York Police Department.