Chancellor Philip Hammond refuses to says whether Brexit is 'worth it'

  • Chancellor Philip Hammond refuses to says whether Brexit is 'worth it'

Chancellor Philip Hammond refuses to says whether Brexit is 'worth it'

"If in London someone assumes that the negotiations will deal with other issues first, my response would be Ireland first", Tusk said.

He was in Dublin meeting the Taoiseach ahead of a crucial European Union summit in Brussels on March 22.

Six months ago, a policy paper was released by the UK Government that detailed the proposals surrounding the matter which had focused on the need to avoid a hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

Britain's markets watchdog has asked financial firms from the European Union to complete a 15-minute survey to help it to deal with what could be thousands of requests to continue serving United Kingdom customers after Brexit.

Previous year the prospect of a harder Brexit saw the Pound lose lots of value, the market is now pricing in the higher chance of a softer Brexit which has helped Sterling to rise and removes the possibility, I feel, of the Pound dramatically plunging.

"We must recognise the democratic decision taken by Britain to leave the European Union in 2016, just as we must recognise the democratic decision made on the island of Ireland in 1998 with all its consequences", said the former Polish prime minister.

"The risk of destabilising the fragile peace process must be avoided at all costs".

That plan prompted furious reactions in London and Belfast.

The EU issued draft guidelines for the negotiations on the future relationship earlier in the week - to be agreed by the 27 heads of state and government.

He continued to say "we could do a deal with America in 48 hours", which was met with laughter.

He added: 'Those who say that all citizens of a member states automatically lose their EU citizenship when it ceases to be a member state ... are essentially contending that EU citizenship is just a set of rights because you are a citizen of a member state, and that leaves EU citizenship shorn of any substance'.

"After Brexit there is a big discontinuity in all the trade and services, but we still have a large market and it's supposed to be an interesting opportunity for all the financial institutions", Katainen said.

Though Britain is due to leave the European Union in March 2019, much uncertainty hangs over what happens next and that's raised fears that tariffs will be slapped on British goods and the key services sector will face wide-ranging restrictions.

Donald Tusk also commented: "Yesterday the UK Chancellor made a speech in the City of London arguing for a bespoke deal or an ambitious FTA covering financial services - so I will refer to this issue of such great interest to London".