Apple Updates MFi Logos

  • Apple Updates MFi Logos

Apple Updates MFi Logos

Users will now be able to charge their MFi accessories with a USB-C cable or a power adapter they might already have, while also being able to draw power from the USB port on a Mac using the same cable.

Apple has reportedly updated the MFi logos used by accessory makers to indicate that their products are certified for use with Apple devices.

Apple's documentation for the new specs lists battery packs and speakers as products that could benefit from using a USB-C receptacle. This basically means no USB-C charging cases for your iPhone.

While this is a step in the correct direction for Apple's ever-expanding accessory ecosystem, the tech giant still doesn't allow third-party manufacturers to make Lightning to USB-C cables.

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, they made an interesting decision to kill the 3.5mm port.

Making matters worse, USB-C-to-Lightning cables are the only way to get real fast-charing with the iPhone X and 8, making the company's official cable the only viable option.

Also, new for accessory makers is the ability to create a Lightning to 3.5mm stereo analog audio output plug, which would allow users to go direct from the Lightning port to a 3.5mm input on another device. However, there's been some recent gossip going around that the MFi logo will change soon and all the certified third-party accessories are required to modify the MFi logo on all their products in the future.