Apple Maps adds bike sharing locations

  • Apple Maps adds bike sharing locations

Apple Maps adds bike sharing locations

Typing "Bike sharing" into Apple Maps' search bar will find the stations of the local service, so you'll know where to pick up and drop off a bike.

TechCrunch reported Monday that Apple's partnership with Ito World has enabled the tech giant to equip its Apple Maps app with bike-sharing data in 179 cities across 36 countries. Since there are, as Ito World's data indicates, dozens and dozens of bike sharing services, you can't go to a different city and just expect to find your familiar service.

The list of supported bike services in each city isn't comprehensive, but Apple may add more in the future. This update is rolling out in over 175 cities across 36 countries. But this is a big improvement over existing data.

Apple Maps doesn't actually tell you the number of bikes available.

Apple is adding more features to Apple Maps in order to get the attention of audience who are more tilted towards Google Maps. Users will still want to continue using dedicated apps for various bike sharing devices, but this is a nice update for Apple Maps nonetheless. It supports Citi Bike in New York City, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, BIKETOWN in Portland, BIXI in Montreal, Santander Cycles in London, CityCycle in Brisbane, bicing in Barcelona, as well as nextbike in Germany, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and many others. I tried looking for stations in smaller cities and it also works in European cities with hundreds of thousands of people.