'American Idol' night two: Who isn't going to Hollywood?

  • 'American Idol' night two: Who isn't going to Hollywood?

'American Idol' night two: Who isn't going to Hollywood?

Catie Turner from Pennsylvania sings the judges an original song called "21st Century Machine", and wins them over with her unique perspective and strong sense of self.

Thus, American Idol 2.0's inaugural episode on ABC ends on a predictable note. He overcame an abusive childhood to find love and inspire his son. Luke was torn, but declined, until he decided he couldn't let Ron go. However, Perry and Richie did not know who he was as an artist, passed on him and invited him back once he found his identity as an artist. Katy and Treavor did some major flirting, but alas, he has a girlfriend.and a golden ticket.

In a brief montage, Poppe gave viewers chills with her compelling cover of "The Rainbow Connection".

It's the same feedback she got almost 10 years ago, when she made it to Hollywood on the show.

Koby, a 26-year-old musical theater actress from Denver, CO, was also sent packing after her performance of "Never Stops" by Deerhunter. "I ran out", she said.

The first night of auditions was rough. Six years ago, Grace sang the worst National Anthem of all-time. Instead of saying them that they suck at singing, they suggest the singers that they aren't much suited for this American Idol. Now living in Orlando, Sardor informs us that he has "a big range" and can sing "the male part and the female part" of songs. Luke has been waiting for someone like William, and Katy enjoyed it so much, she hands William his ticket with her feet. Lionel Richie loved the "storyteller" in her voice.

17-year-old Garrett Jacobs did his grandma, Honey, proud with his audition and even though she couldn't be there in-person, the judges made sure he got her on the phone to hear he was on his way to Hollywood!

"It's a great feeling and you get really addicted to it", Perry said.

The good news is all three of these kids get tickets to Hollywood. Bryan was honest with his critique and stated that Glaze needed to work on his craft. If night one of ABC's version of American Idol foreshadows things to come on the talent show this season, fans need to buckle up.

The show was the most-viewed program of the night, earning a 2.3 rating in the crucial category of 18-49-year-olds and outpacing ABC's projection in that age bracket.

When Benjamin told the judges that he hadn't kissed a girl, as he couldn't do so without being in a relationship, Katy Perry asked him to come over to her desk for his first kiss.

A quick trip back to NY, and it's a "yes" for 16-year-old Zach Denofrio, who has a high-pitched speaking voice but turns into a Frank Sinatra-type crooner when he sings.