OJ Simpson confessed to murdering Nicole & Ron

  • OJ Simpson confessed to murdering Nicole & Ron

OJ Simpson confessed to murdering Nicole & Ron

The revelation arrived not long after it was revealed Simpson's lost interview concerning the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is finally airing. To give you an idea of how intense the backlash was after Fox announced the O.J. interview, Bill O'Reilly - yes, Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly - called the special "indefensible and a low point in American culture".

Simpson said "hypothetically" (of course) he and his (imaginary) "friend" Charlie drove to Nicole's house with a cap, gloves, and a knife ("for the crazies", he said) under the seat of the auto, which they parked in an alley.

The episode in question, Jean said, was the fourth season classic, "Last Exit to Springfield", in which Homer becomes the head of the power plant union and Lisa gets braces. Simpson said he had words with Goldman and his ex-wife that escalated.

Simpson talked on the special about the murders, at first hypothetically, but then he lapsed into first person and it leaves no doubt. even for the naysayers.

The ghostwritten, fictionalized account of the murders ultimately was published by another company, and a federal bankruptcy judge later awarded rights to the book to Goldman's family to help satisfy a $38 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson.

When asked if he's ever blacked out before, he said no. "To some degree, I didn't really like her", Simpson said. "But obviously I must have because they found the glove there", Simpson said.

In Simpson's telling, Goldman assumed a martial arts pose and Simpson says he recalls grabbing the knife.

Simpson was acquitted of criminal charges by jurors in one of the most high profile cases in years but found responsible in a subsequent civil trial. "As things got heated, Nicole fell and hurt herself", he said on the tape. He was acquitted of the crimes, and later almost published a book called If I Did It, detailing how he would have attempted the murders. "To be honest, after that, I don't remember except I'm standing there and there's all kind of stuff around", he said.

Nine years later, HarperCollins - owned by Fox's parent company - announced the publication of "If I Did It", in which Simpson would describe how the real murderer would have committed the killings. "Blood and stuff", he adds.

A particularly interesting moment is when Simpson said that although he can not recall what he said to Brown upon kissing her goodbye, he does remember what he said to Nicole's sister, Julia Brown. However, the book was written under the guise of fiction to protect Simpson's children.