Maha shows 7.6% rise in vehicles on road at 3.14 cr

  • Maha shows 7.6% rise in vehicles on road at 3.14 cr

Maha shows 7.6% rise in vehicles on road at 3.14 cr

In the last budget of Telangana state, ahead of the elections, the finance department has allegedly advised the government not to announce any populist schemes as the budget estimates went wrong for ongoing fiscal year. The industry's share is 33.6%, with an annual growth rate of 6.1%, while the services sector, with an average share of 54.5% in total GSVA, will continue to grow annually at 8.8%. This year's report says that in 2016-17, the agriculture production was higher on account of good rains (94.9 percent of normal rains).

The revenue deficit of the State budget should be seriously looked into, especially when the State is expected to present a huge Budget of around '1.8 lakh crore to '2 lakh crore for 2018-19. However, during 2017-18 the agriculture and allied sector is expected to register (-) 8.3 percent due to less rains (84.3 percent of normal rains) as compared to a year ago. The Survey mentioned that the per capita income in Maharashtra for 2016-17 stood at Rs 1,65,491 whereas that of Karnataka at Rs 1,57,474. The debt stock is 161 per cent of the revenue receipts.

During kharif season of 2017, sowing was completed on 150.45 lakh hectare against 149.99 lakh hectare in 2016 while the area under rabi crops substantially fell to 46.88 lakh hectare in 2017-18 against 68.29 lakh hectare.

- Till February 7, 2018, about 2.2 crore bank accounts were opened in the state under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana with deposits of about Rs 4,304 crore.

- The report also states that between August 1991 and December 2017, total 19,826 industrial proposals with an investment of Rs 11,89,815 crore were approved.

The debt to GSDP ratio is 16.5%, which is lower than the recommended 22.5% limit set by the 14th Finance Commission.

On the expenditure front, in 2017-18, the state spent Rs 1,907 crore less than budgeted for education and Rs 1,479 crore less than budgeted for relief from natural calamities. But worry lines are growing about the state's ballooning debt, set to hit Rs 4.6 lakh crore, a rise of nearly Rs 56,000 crore over previous year and nearly three times the debt a decade ago.

- During 2017, 354 projects with an expected investment of Rs 48,581 crore and proposed employment of 0.27 lakh were registered and 24 projects with an expected investment of Rs 1,582 crore and proposed employment of 0.2 lakh were implemented. The survey for 2017-18, tabled in the state legislature said that special training for 36,185 children was proposed, of which 15,529 were enrolled. "There will be revenue deficit of Rs 15,375 crore which the government will try to reduce by various measures", the finance minister said.