Angela Henderson-Bentley: The new 'Idol,' (basically) same as the old 'Idol'

  • Angela Henderson-Bentley: The new 'Idol,' (basically) same as the old 'Idol'

Angela Henderson-Bentley: The new 'Idol,' (basically) same as the old 'Idol'

The network is making a loud bid to recapture the ratings magic of the reality show that became a national phenomenon, "American Idol". Ryan Seacrest is still here (for now). Instead, they suggest that certain singers simply aren't well-suited to American Idol. Plus, original "Idol" champion Kelly Clarkson reacts to the reboot going up against "The Voice" on Monday nights - what do new "Idol" judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan think?

Why mess with success was Seacrest's attitude when he was asked what would be different about the re-launch of American Idol?

ABC heavily hyped this show, based on an Israeli format where real-time viewer voting determined whether singers advanced or were sent packing. They are not as pointed as they could be in offering criticism, which in turns takes some of the shine off their praise. They will come back to Hollywood and then they'll have to step up.

Now, like a high-priced free agent touted as the savior of a struggling sports franchise, "Idol" will attempt to reverse 18 years of low-rated and ill-fated history for ABC with regard to music shows.

One aspiring superstar seems to get unhinged in the face of rejection.

Before tuning in to "American Idol" Season 16, meet the judges that will be gracing the small screen when the show premieres.

"You're interesting and brilliant beyond your years", says the affable Bryan, after the requisite kooky girl in newsboy cap and spectacles sings a perky pop song about being a "cog in the 21st Century machine". "They need a real legit American Idol".

The show that searched for the next superstar is back.

"I actually made the call, and was like, 'It's Lionel Richie,'" Katy insisted. That wasn't totally unexpected, as no one imagines Lionel Richie suddenly going full Simon Cowell on his fellow jurists. And yes, I'm as surprised about it as you all are. "What's your style? You got a style?" said Richie. "This is not a business of, 'It's Cute, And I Love To Sing, '" he tells one young contestant. At that point, we'll know if the new iteration has found a personality to match yesteryear's Underwoods or Lamberts.

UNIDENTIFIED SINGER #2: (Singing) People on the airwaves always preach who I should be, how to dress, how to talk, maybe how to breathe. I remind myself and I'm reminded and I'm inspired by all of their stories. But if you don't have cable or an antenna, Sling Television offers a seven-day free trial, and it can get you access to ABC's live programming.

During an October interview on Good Morning America, the judges opened up about working on the American Idol reboot, and discussed what they were planning to look for on their journey to find undiscovered talent.

Luke Bryan reported it's fun for him. "I'm not critiquing you, I'm just saying yes!" he'll say. Honestly, I'm torn. Because while part of me is shaking my head that the show is back so soon and shaking my fist in frustration that Hollywood continues to rehash old ideas, the other part of me feels like - no matter what manipulation may lie ahead - that I've been reunited with an old friend. I'm in there on the emotional ride with these kids.