WV BOE to explore options to make up instructional time

  • WV BOE to explore options to make up instructional time

WV BOE to explore options to make up instructional time

"We overcame, we overcame!" said one teacher, Danielle Harris, calling it a victory for students as well. But before the strike, teachers there were only making, on average, $533 less per year than teachers in Colorado.

Both states are right-to-work states and neither has a single, centralized teachers' union. Educators protested at the state Capitol each day to demand better pay and a permanent funding fix to the Public Employees Health Insurance Agency.

Decisions about scheduling are up to individual school boards, and many districts are still finalizing their plans. She said she hopes that will attract more teachers to her county. "They got the best lesson that they could ever had even though they were out of school".

"As far as money is concerned, we're glad to go back to the school, but at the same time completely understand that it needed to be done", she told WCHS/WVAH.

How the state ranks: Oklahoma ranks 49th in the nation in teacher salaries, according to the National Education Association.

Students, parents and teachers in West Virginia headed back to school Wednesday for the first time in almost two weeks after educators ended their strike.

Besides its significance to the labor movement, the pay raise means that school can resume after a long layoff.

"What teachers have to figure out is their level of frustration, their level of risk, and what it is they want to get, " he said.

Thomas, however, said he thinks there would be a unified front.

"I really learned that ... if you stand up for what you believe, in the end something good is going to come out of it".