Sonia opens up about politics, leadership

  • Sonia opens up about politics, leadership

Sonia opens up about politics, leadership

While pointing out differences between the governance of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi, Gandhi stressed that Vajpayee had great respect for parliamentary procedures. "Acronymising can be contagious", she said to a laughter from the audience. Did India's march to progress, prosperity, and greatness begin only four years ago? "Is this claim not an insult to the intelligence of our people?"

Mumbai: UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Friday said the BJP had succeeded in wrongly convincing people that the Congress was "a Muslim party" and the more public focus on its leaders visiting temples was to perhaps to counter that perception. I had my style. "That is why I was called a reader than a leader", she said.

"He certainly has always wanted to have younger and new people in the party".

She delivered her speech with a quiet authority that can not be managed by Rahul Gandhi, her son, who is now the Congress president but commands little respect among other politicians.

Referring to controversial comments by members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, she said, 'Provocative statements from the ruling establishment are not random or accidental. "We don't like an India where people are persecuted, where people are being beaten up for what they eat, what they say and what they wear", he said. They are part of a risky design'.

While talking about Aadhaar, she said that an instrument of empowerment has been turned into an "intrusive" one. Rahul also used to visit temples, but now we are doing it publicly because of the narrative that BJP built with regards to us. RTI was brought to bring transperancy, but today that law is in cold storage.

Will she? Priyanka Gandhi's imminent entry into politics has been a constant question in Indian politics. Freedom to think, marry according to ones wishes is under attack.

Gandhi, 71, also alleged that the country, the society, its freedom are now all under systematic and sustained threat and that there is "rewriting of history, falsifying facts and fanning prejudice and bigotry". "Our freedoms are under attack".

She stressed that parliamentary majority is being seen as a licence to stifle debate. Fear and intimidation are the order of the day. Alternate voices are being silenced.

Speaking on what went wrong for Congress in the last few years, Gandhi said that there was certain amount of anti incumbency.

"We were out-marketed. We could not compete with how Narendra Modi (prime minister) ran his campaign", the UPA chairperson admitted.

She said: "Corruption as an issue was highly exaggerated".

"For instance 2G, the previous CAG came out with some large amount of money but there was a problem there". There was a problem in that. "How come a person who was in-charge was given a cushy job just after retirement?" "In Gujarat, the same CAG has found Rs 20,000 crore of misuse of funds and nobody is talking about it", she added. Sonia's talk was very well recieved by people on social media, as well, who complimented her carefully chosen words to dismantle the belief that the BJP government has been a boon to the country. "Every time there is an important issue to discuss, we are scuttled in the Parliament". We have not been allowed to speak about the PNB fraud in Parliament. "Religious tensions are being fuelled, vigilante mobs and private armies have been let loose", she charged. There is shocking insensitivity on atrocities on dalits and women.