General Says China Needs To Arm South China Sea Islands

  • General Says China Needs To Arm South China Sea Islands

General Says China Needs To Arm South China Sea Islands

From providing the most peacekeepers of any U.N. Security Council member to facilitating talks in world conflicts, "the China of today should play a more active role in resolving hot issues in the region and the world", Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

"China will certainly make an appropriate and necessary response", Wang said at a press conference on the sidelines of the Communist Party's annual parliamentary session.

Within China, officials and trade experts have expressed frustration at what they see as Mr. Trump's fixation on the trade deficit, saying the imbalance is mainly a result of Americans' lavish spending on foreign-made goods and that it can't be solved by punishing China.

Wang said China supports reconciliation efforts by the two Koreas, including an agreement to hold a summit meeting in late April.

Chinese officials say Beijing is not actively pursuing a large trade surplus but is ready to respond to United States import controls.

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"China and America do not have to be rivals", Wang said.

China's comments came just before Trump will reportedly have a signing ceremony for his controversial steel and aluminum tariffs.

Boosted by a global trade boom in 2017, China's exports grew at the fastest pace since 2013 and served as one of the key drivers behind the economy's forecast-beating 6.9 percent expansion past year.

In an attempt to forestall a potential trade war and dispel USA concerns, in February Chinese President Xi Jinping sent two special envoys - China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, and Xi's top economic adviser, Liu He - in succession to Washington, DC for talks with US senior officials.

United States imports from China of steel and aluminium make up a small proportion of its total imports from the world's second largest economy.

Trump is also considering trade sanctions against China under a "Section 301" investigation into its intellectual property practices and pressure on foreign companies for technology transfers.

Beijing has accused Mr Trump of threatening the global trade regulation system by taking action under U.S. law instead of through the World Trade Organisation. "The so-called "China Threat Theory" can be laid to rest".

China's exports surged in February while the country's politically sensitive trade surplus widened amid mounting tension with Washington.

The US worldwide trade in goods and services deficit jumped 5% in January to the highest point in nearly 10 years. Wang was asked if the close cooperation between India, the US, Australia and Japan as part of the quadrilateral dialogue could pose a challenge to China's naval expansion and maritime silk road plans.

Trade data are distorted by the Lunar New Year holiday, which falls at different times in January or February each year.