Dyson unveils cordless vacuum cleaner Dyson Cyclone V10

  • Dyson unveils cordless vacuum cleaner Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson unveils cordless vacuum cleaner Dyson Cyclone V10

The new fans come with Dyson Air Multiplier technology and new 350-degree oscillation system that can project and mix purified air around the whole room to purify every corner. And even join a classical orchestra.

However Dyson is here to save the day, so to speak, with the launch of the Cyclone V10 which is a cordless vacuum cleaner. In a good way. It spins at a whopping 125000rpm - that's the kind of rotation you'd expect from a hydro-electric power plant, not a handheld vacuum cleaner.

The digital motor V10 is nearly half the weight of its predecessor, the digital motor V8, and is Dyson's fastest and most power-dense digital vacuum motor - spinning at up to 125,000 revs per minute or 2,000 times a second.

One of the problems with vacuum cleaners is that for the most part, a lot of them tend to be corded. It can switch at up to 16,000 times per second, and features a ceramic shaft created to cope with spin speeds of up to 125,000 RPM. Using its pressure sensors, it also knows if the user is upstairs or downstairs, and if the user is cleaning a table or the floor. A Dyson spokesman said: "We are no longer developing new full-size [plug-in] technology but we will continue to sell those high performing full-size machines".

Paul Dawson, vice president for Dyson health and beauty, said the £400 device would offer consumers new level of clean air in their homes. That bin is 40 percent bigger than the previous model, for more dust and dirt removal before needing to empty out the contents.

James Dyson said the new model had an efficient motor.

Improvements to the battery have also been made.

According to commentators, battery life is really one of the great features of the machine - it can operate for up to 60 minutes on a single charge (which takes only 3.5 hours plugged in to achieve).

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute + cord-free vacuum (RRP $999) and Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal cord-free vacuum (RRP $899) will be available for pre-order from 16 March, 2018 and available to purchase on Dyson.com.au and at all major electrical retailers from 6 April, 2018.

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