DPH: 7 more deaths attributed to the flu in CT

  • DPH: 7 more deaths attributed to the flu in CT

DPH: 7 more deaths attributed to the flu in CT

Hospitalizations and deaths from the flu in Oklahoma continue in March.

Twelve new flu deaths have been reported in North Carolina, bringing the total to 276 for the season. After predominating most of the 2017-2018 flu season, influenza A (H3N2) has also continued to decline, as influenza B viruses make up 45.8% of the laboratory-confirmed influenza positive tests during week 8.

While the flu season has been severe, it was not a pandemic, he said.

GlobalData reports the need to shift away from egg-based manufacturing of vaccines in light of influenza-related deaths.

In the latest victim total, there were 14 ages 65 and older, six in the 50-64 age category and two in the 25 to 49 age group and one in the 5 to 17 age group. The last season to see more pediatric flu deaths was 2014-2015, which reported 148 deaths during the entire season. The CDC does not collect overall flu death data for the country, though many individual states have reported data on flu deaths.

"In the Triad and most of North Carolina, influenza and influenza-like illness peaked in mid-February", Dr. Christopher Ohl, an infectious-diseases expert with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, told the Winston-Salem Journal.

"Thus, deaths due to influenza may peak after the peak of person-to-person transmission in a community". The agency is waiving administrative for the flu shot at its public health clinics. "Cases have decreased considerably over the last three weeks and hospitals in our region are monitoring the situation".

Vaccination programs against seasonal influenza infections require the production of hundreds of million doses within a very short period of time. However, he added, the best approach for people to protect themselves against influenza is still to get vaccinated. This vaccine can help prevent the flu or lessen its severity.

In a press release, Mission Health asks patients' family and friends to limit their hospital visits and visitors younger than 12 and those who do not feel well to call patients rather than visit them in the hospital.