Wendy Williams reveals end of hiatus after suffering health issue

  • Wendy Williams reveals end of hiatus after suffering health issue

Wendy Williams reveals end of hiatus after suffering health issue

Wendy Williams, whose daytime talk show has been in reruns during her hiatus for health reasons, will return March 19, with actor Jerry O'Connell filling in next week as the first guest host in the program's almost 10-year history.

Feeling faint: In October Wendy passed out during a Halloween episode of her show when she was dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Her name is literally in the show's title.

Last month February 21, Wendy Williams announced that she will be taking a "much-needed" vacation due to her thyroid issues & Graves disease.

That is not expected to happen in Wendy's case as she is getting expert medical help and the love and support of her husband of 20 years, Kevin Hunter, 45, who is also executive producer of her show, and their 17-year-old son Kevin Jr. "Like Wendy tells us, I am going to Say It Like I Mean It", said O'Connell in a statement to Enstars.

The Wendy Williams Show airs weekdays, with Williams's return scheduled for Monday, March 19.

Wendy and Jerry have very opposite personalities, and it will be interesting to see how he adapts to Wendy's usual audience.

"Jerry has been such a good friend to me and to the show". The talk show host has made the new mom a frequent target on her show, claiming her boyfriend, Travis Scott, 25, will up and leave her and their newborn, Stormi Webster, born February 1, 2018. We're happy to welcome him as a guest host.

Williams, who has been hosting the Fox program since 2008, had never missed a day of work until her physician gave her strict orders. Before the hiatus, Williams canceled three days of taping as she was struck down with flu-like symptoms. As of today, three weeks of vacation.

According to a release, Williams's hiatus was "intended to get her medication and levels from her long-public battle with hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease in sync".

Williams has been vocal about her struggle with Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism. "The show will be in repeats during this unplanned hiatus".

"What I want to say to women, more than men, is stop putting everyone first, because if we're not good, they're not good", Williams said.