South Korean governor resigns over #MeToo assault claim

  • South Korean governor resigns over #MeToo assault claim

South Korean governor resigns over #MeToo assault claim

Her interview follows a series of other allegations of sexual harassment against men in power in South Korea.

The resignation came just hours after Kim told cable network JTBC that Ahn had sexually assaulted her four times since June a year ago, including once during his trip to Russian Federation in July and again on a September visit to Switzerland.

One of the violations took place in Geneva, Kim told JTBC, where Ahn was attending a UN Human Rights Council panel discussion in September.

Former secretary, Kim Ji Eun, reportedly accused the governor of South Chungcheong province for sexually abusing her after she was hired in June 2017. "But then, he did it again".

"The person I am most scared of is Gov. Ahn Hee Jung", she said with her eyes tearing up during the interview.

His ruling Democratic Party also chose to expel him from the party.

"I see the ongoing #MeToo movement as progress to resist against a culture that is very much male-dominated", he said at the event, where he met with his employees at the South Chungcheong Provincial Government building.

On his Facebook page, Ahn apologized to his political affairs secretary Kim Ji-eun and supporters for his "ridiculous actions". "I ask forgiveness for my foolish behaviour".

He was one of the most prominent politicians in the liberal circles, often cited as the party's next leader or presidential candidate.

The governor of South Chungcheong province, Hee-Jung, was the runner-up to become the Democratic Party's presidential candidate previous year.

Ahn, who was widely expected to run to replace president Moon Jae-in when his term ends in 2022, is the highest profile figure so far to have been accused in a wave of allegations against public officials and artists. "He seemed anxious and said by observing the growth of the #MeToo movement, he realised that he had hurt me", Kim said.

"That he raped me again after mentioning the #MeToo movement and apologising to me made me think 'I may never be able to escape from this". "I apologise to everyone, especially to Miss Kim Ji Eun", he said on a Facebook post.

The ruling Democratic party expelled Ahn in an effort to limit the damage ahead of local elections in June and South Korea's national police agency announced it had begun an investigation.

A growing number of South Korean women have accused prominent figures of sexual abuse, making headlines in a country that remains socially conservative despite economic and technological advances. "But he did", Kim said during the interview. "I hope my fellow citizens can protect me".

The alleged victim said she was raped by Ahn in Switzerland and Russian Federation, among other places, while they were on business trips together.