Limited Edition God of War PlayStation 4 Pro Revealed

  • Limited Edition God of War PlayStation 4 Pro Revealed

Limited Edition God of War PlayStation 4 Pro Revealed

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced (2) a limited edition God of War PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, which will launch alongside the game on April 20. The matching controller features a much simpler design with the same colors; the right grip includes the Huldra Brothers brand that's also seen on the Leviathan Axe, while touchpad has the God of War logo.

The next chapter in Kratos' journey is only a few weeks away with the upcoming release of God of War in April, and those anticipating the marquee PS4 title will have a handsome new PS4 Pro model to look forward to alongside the game.

The limited edition PS4 Pro bundle will set you back $399.99 plus tax when it hits stores on April 20.

Sony has revealed that a new God of War themed custom PS4 Pro will be launching on April 20th, the same day that Kratos' makes his highly anticipated return on the console. The side panels of the custom PS4 Pro are trimmed with a handsome Norse design, with each rune representing one of the Nine Realms from Norse mythology.

When played on PS4 Pro with a 4K TV, God of War outputs in a dynamic 4K resolution achieved through a 2160p checkerboard. 1080p TV owners (like myself) will still receive the benefit of the Pro's extra horsepower thanks to supersampling, which will offer an extremely sharp image.

Do you like the look of the God of War PS4 Pro console? After all, once the game was officially announced during E3 2016, God of War handily became one of the most exciting PS4 exclusives to come.