Samsung Galaxy S9 camera: judge for yourself

The Galaxy S9 does come with a Selfie Focus mode this time around, which is Samsung's take on the front facing portrait mode of the Pixel 2.

The bezels on the face are slightly smaller, but apart from that it's pretty identical to the S8 - you'll have to turn the phone around and look at the back for the obvious differences. Besides that, all of the phones will have edge-to-edge screen which is yet another feature seen in the final generation of Apple's phones.

AT&T's phones are cheaper per month, but users have to pay for MORE months than other carriers. At activation stands, consumers can create their own personalized AR Emoji, test out the low-light functionality of the Galaxys reimagined camera in a mirrored room and capture the celebration with Super Slow-mo video capabilities at Samsungs confetti booth. The phone feels great in hand and credit should go to Samsung's infinity display technology.

In many ways, specs are most useful for marketing and bragging rights. There were reports of this model being seen on the GFXbatch. The S9 while is substantially more expensive than the base model, it will feature a bigger screen, dual cameras, a larger battery and increased storage.

We've not sat down and done any of our standard in-depth testing so far with the camera so far - it's been largely candid snaps - but there's not been anything mind-blowing so far that's come from the camera.

Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone X isn't due for a replacement as the company's flagship smartphone until September. Pre-orders are available as we speak, and depending on where you buy one you can save a lot of money. The emergence of "budget flagships" has also meant that you can take reasonably high-quality photographs and videos on devices that are not premium ones - a OnePlus 5T, a Xiaomi Mi 6, a Moto Z2 Force or an Honor V10 will hand you plenty of shooting options at a price that is nearly half that of high-profile premium smartphones.

The SloMo camera is proving trickier to use than we anticipated. Till now, we had only heard rumours of what the phablet might feature, and out of several things, this might include an in-glass fingerprint reader.

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The publication put the Exynos 9810-powered Galaxy S9 through a number of tests and compared the results against last year's iPhones, the Galaxy S8, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, and other handsets. Speaking of Nokia 8110 4G, as the name suggests, it is the 4G avatar of Nokia classic phone Nokia 8110.