Superheroes picked for Tokyo 2020

  • Superheroes picked for Tokyo 2020

Superheroes picked for Tokyo 2020

"We would like to convey the values of the sports and values of the Olympics and Paralympic Games to the next generation", Masa Takaya, spokesperson for the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, told ABC News.

Children from more than 16,000 elementary schools across Japan participated in the selection process, choosing their favorite design from three shortlisted illustrations, CNN reported.

"These mascots will act as an ambassador for Tokyo 2020, so we are very much looking forward to having guests from overseas particularly from the United States to meet our mascots in two years' time". "The mascots will take their place in the illustrious history of Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots - just thinking about it makes us all excited!"

Tokyo 2020 revealed two teleporting and telekinetic, cartoonish and futurisitic-looking creatures that will serve as the Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots.

More than 100,000 stuffed dolls (Soohorang and Paralympic mascot Banbdabi) were sold over the past year, Pyeongchang organisers said. The mascot is yet to be named.

The 2016 Rio Olympics had a yellow feline animal representing Brazil's rich fauna and wildlife named Vinicius after music great Vinicius de Moraes. The one-eyed characters were dubbed "bizarre" and "creepy".

The winning pair, created by designer and illustrator Ryo Taniguchi, received more than half of the total and easily beat the other two pairs.

With luxurious manes, short horns and faces that appear to be shaped like rugby balls, mascots "Ren" and "G" are inspired by "shishi", the mythical lion-like figure that features in Japan's new year celebrations and kabuki theatre.

Designer Ryo Taniguchi seemed overwhelmed at the decision.

"It's quite innovative, I like the blue-check pattern while the pink one uses cherry blossoms and it shows traditional Japan", said Miyu Kawa, a 12-year-old student at Hoyonomori Gakuen School, where the selection was announced.