School shooting survivors head to Florida's legislature

  • School shooting survivors head to Florida's legislature

School shooting survivors head to Florida's legislature

Coffman's swing district in the Denver suburbs is all too familiar with mass shootings.

A prominent psychiatrist is cautioning survivors that they may want to limit the funeral services they attend to close friends after 17 people were fatally gunned down at a Florida high school last week.

Students from the South Florida high school were tearful as they stepped down from the bus in Tallahassee to be welcomed with waves, cheers and somber applause from fellow teens.

"But if they don't, the states are going to take up where Congress lets off, and the American public is going to make sure we see a new Congress", Feinblatt said.

"While this is an extraordinary procedural move, the shooting in Parkland demands extraordinary action".

The White House said Trump planned to host "a listening session" with high school students and teachers on Wednesday, February 21, but did not specify which students or school would be involved.

Trump declined an invitation to speak to the students and parents.

Matthew Melchor, a senior at Maize High School, said he plans to participate in the protest April 20 to help send a message to lawmakers in support of stricter gun regulations. Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie told the Sun Sentinel on Friday there have been "numerous" requests to have the building torn down.

School safety and security will be the topic of the next Principal Walk and Talk being held by Neuqua Valley High School Principal Bob McBride.

Other protest actions are also in the works.

Sunrise Tactical Supply store in Coral Springs Fla. on Feb. 16 2018 where accused school shooter Nikolas Cruz bought an AR-15
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The father of 18-year-old Meadow Pollack called out the 19-year-old gunman Nikolas Cruz, the former Stoneman Douglas student who has admitted Wednesday's killings, yelling, "You killed my daughter!" before calling him an obscenity. Cruz legally bought the AR-15 assault-style rifle he allegedly used in the shooting about a year ago, authorities have said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has acknowledged it failed to act on a tip called in last month warning that Cruz possessed a gun and the desire to kill.

Larson said she was inspired by the students mobilizing at Marjory Stoneman Douglas while they're still grieving their classmates.

"In 2017 a lot of the support systems that he had were not there anymore".

The Feb. 14 attack initially appeared to overcome the resistance of some in the state's political leadership, which has rebuffed gun restrictions since Republicans took control of both the governor's office and the Legislature in 1999.

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and media mogul Oprah Winfrey later joined in contributing $500,000 each toward the march.

While he does not believe in repealing the Second Amendment because there are a great number of responsible gun owners that need to be respected, he says he wants to have a conversation about minimizing the chances of another mass shooting.

The legislation includes new age restrictions for gun purchases, a ban on bump stocks and gun violence restraining orders.

Florida has a reputation for expanding gun rights.

Patti Seno, 53, broke into tears as she recounted how her husband, a firefighter, was on the scene of the Columbine shooting and an attack at a nearby school in 2013 that killed one student.