PM Modi 'robbed India': Rahul on PNB fraud case

  • PM Modi 'robbed India': Rahul on PNB fraud case

PM Modi 'robbed India': Rahul on PNB fraud case

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's silence over the escape of PNB fraud accused Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi even as the party described the CBI and ED raids on their premises a mere show."Where is the country's watchman?"

Meghalaya has 18.3 lakh voters of which 42,843 are new voters for the February 27 assembly elections.

Nirav Modi's 22,000 Cr.

Mr Gandhi also drew a comparison between the Prime Minister and Nirav.

"While people were made to stand in long queues, Nirav Modi ran away with people's hard-earned money in banks".

"It is because of the skills of our farmers that produce of pulses increased from 17 million tonnes to 25 million tonnes, in the last one year", Prime Minister Modi said while addressing the gathering.

"But as this government's tenure nears an end", Gandhi said, "it is clear that instead of giving hope, security and economic growth they have dealt us only hopelessness, unemployment, fear, hatred and violence".

Highlighting Congress" "contribution' in the emergence of Meghalaya in terms of literacy, the Congress president said, "Under the Congress Govt, we have seen the emergence of Meghalaya as the most literate state of India with the highest rate of female enrollment in primary schools in the entire country". Now, in their arrogance, they think that they can buy god, " Gandhi said, adding that churches, temples, gurdwaras and mosques and spirituality were not for sale. "Gone are the days of bandhs, strikes and violent activities".

"I promise you that we will not allow a repetition of Manipur in Meghalaya".

Voicing confidence that the Congress will retain power in Meghalaya, Gandhi said the Congress will unite each and every voice in Meghalaya that calls for justice.