New spaces a step to universal child care

  • New spaces a step to universal child care

New spaces a step to universal child care

The changes are to take effect on April 1, 2018.

"We hear in every business community around B.C., "if I could get affordable, quality child care for my family I could participate in the workforce", says Val Litwin of the B.C. "Our plan will be affordable for families and the province". The government also plans to provide "a stronger response" to cases where landlords misuse provisions that allow them to fix or upgrade existing rental units.

The government did not disappoint.

Budget 2018 also lays out a comprehensive housing plan that introduces new taxation measures to tackle foreign and domestic speculation, to close loopholes and crack down on tax fraud, and to stabilize housing prices. This tax appears similar to the highly publicized proposal by UBC and SFU academics.

Included in the 30-point housing plan was a commitment to change laws that apply in cases of renovictions and demovictions "to ensure that renters left without housing have adequate support".

In its 2018 budget, the B.C. government announced the foreign buyers tax implemented in Metro Vancouver in 2016 will increase to 20 per cent from 15 per cent. The government will also coordinate its audit and enforcement system with the federal government. However, since forming government in July, it has not provided details on how this would be accomplished.

The NDP announced two programs in the budget, both of which would help Ms.

James said the government is working towards a goal of creating 114,000 housing units over a decade, as it promised ahead of the election, but that the goal will only be met through partnerships, so it is creating a Housing Hub at BC Housing. The total cost is estimated between six and seven billion dollars.

"It takes time to build new spaces, it takes time to train new childhood educators", says Iglika Ivanova of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. It will be available to parents using licensed providers for infants, toddlers and three- to five-year-olds. Now the tax above $2 million is 3%. Taxes on the province's most expensive properties will also rise - homes worth more than C$3 million ($2.4 million) will pay a 5 percent property transfer tax when sold, up from 3 percent.

The government's affordable housing plan, meanwhile, includes $243 million this year and $1.6 billion over the next three for more rental units, rental assistance, student housing, Indigenous and supportive housing, and preserving existing buildings.

James said the budget marks the beginning of a universal child care plan, but she made no mention in the legislature about the NDP's campaign promise of $10-a-day child care. The budget does not include any specific reference to this grant.

Asked by a reporter whether the $400 rebate would ever be coming, James said the government continued to explore it among other ideas, adding "we're not going to do everything overnight".

"The first three years are the ramp-up period, where we're looking at toddler or infant care and creating more spaces for training more people and those elements will be in the budget".

Increases to SAFER (Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters) and a commitment to providing more qualified support staff in assisted living facilities.

"In fact, noting that 50 per cent of the MSP premiums have already been eliminated (with the impact being absorbed in "general revenues"), the new payroll tax collected will more than make up the remaining MSP revenue shortfall, and is a material contributor to achieving the balanced budgets that are forecast".