MGM eyeing Danny Boyle to direct Bond 25

  • MGM eyeing Danny Boyle to direct Bond 25

MGM eyeing Danny Boyle to direct Bond 25

With Daniel Craig already on board to return as 007, MGM and Eon are looking to hire a director for the next installment of the James Bond franchise.

According to another report from The Hollywood Reporter earlier today, the previous top contenders to direct Bond 25 are no longer in consideration. They note how the director only has one other film in development with no cast are attached; chances are, should Boyle - a Bond fan - take the job, that project will be delayed.

According to a new report from Variety earlier today, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) has finalized its wishlist for helming the project and Boyl now sits at the top of the pile. Big names like Denis Villeneuve and (of course) Christopher Nolan were floated as candidates, but despite both directors having expressed interest in the franchise previously, it seems that MGM studios has now set it sights on someone else.

Spectre (2015) was the last release in the series and debuted to lukewarm reviews. Hence, the path is more or less wide open for Boyle. Franchise star Daniel Craig became the primary enigma, however, as he remained noncommittal to returning to the role for almost two years after Spectre hit theaters. He first made waves with Trainspotting (1996) before helming a number of successful movies such as 28 Days Later (2012) and Sunshine (2007).

Considering that "James Bond" is scheduled to land in theaters on November 28, 2019, fans are expecting more information to be released in the coming weeks. Boyle even won a Best Director Oscar back in 2008 for his masterful work on Slumdog Millionaire.

There's been a lot of talk lately over who will take over the director's chair for the next Bond movie.