Live Location & stickers coming to WhatsApp on Windows phones

  • Live Location & stickers coming to WhatsApp on Windows phones

Live Location & stickers coming to WhatsApp on Windows phones

Although there is no official word on the launch timeline of the feature, if interested, you can still get access to it by registering yourself as a beta user. The Live Location feature is already available for iOS and Android users for a year now, and is possible that the feature will be enabled for Windows Phone users very soon.

If a user sets a group description and sends across an invite for a new member to join the group, then the members can read the description of the group before actually accepting the invite to join the group.

The latest WhatsApp Beta update is already available in the Microsoft Store and you can get it by clicking this link.

As of now, WhatsApp is letting is letting anyone in the group to edit the group description. Along with the new Stickers feature, the beta update also brings a redesigned icon for notification of the same. For now, the maximum length of the description that can be added is up to 500 characters.

WhatsApp has been busy, and only 2 days after the last update have pushed out a new update for their WhatsApp beta app for Windows Phone, taking it to version 2.18.28. You can simply enter whatever description you want to add to the Group. Besides, right now, only the admins of the group can add a Group Description and not the members of the group.

As it happens on changing the Group profile picture, WhatsApp sends a notification to all members of the group that the picture has been changed along with the name of the group member who changed it.

The blog also claims that the feature will be available for iOS by next week.

Currently, the Group description feature is seen in the testing stage on Android and Windows beta versions of the app. Which means if you are on Android and Windows and haven't received the feature yet, you shall soon.