India has the slowest 4G LTE speeds in the world

  • India has the slowest 4G LTE speeds in the world

India has the slowest 4G LTE speeds in the world

The report stated that the average speed of a 4G line in Malaysia previous year was 14.83 Mbps, putting it among the bottom 20 countries on the list. "For instance, India and Indonesia both averaged 4G downloads below 10Mbps", the report read.

The country with the fastest LTE speeds is Singapore where average speeds reach 44.31 Mbps. Though disappointing, it's an improvement from last year's report where India's average speed was 5.14 mbps with 81.56 percent coverage.

Additionally, Canada's average LTE speeds hover around 32.90 Mbps - a figure that OpenSignals says is bolstered by national carrier Telus's recent network upgrades.

In terms of availability of 4G signals, India ranks at number 14 (down from eleventh in November 2017) with an increased 86.26 percent coverage of 4G. Today, OpenSignal released a report that analyses the state of LTE on a global scale, measuring average LTE speeds availability on a per-country basis.

OpenSignal conducted this test in 77 countries, and during the period, 50 countries out of the total countries had 4G availability scores above 70%, compared to 33 countries just six months ago. Growth in availability has been attributed to Reliance Jio making 4G services more accessible and contributing towards the telecom boom.

Although the service had been available for five years and promises internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps, Malaysia still lagged behind its neighbours such as Vietnam (average speed 21.49 Mbps), Brunei (17.48 Mbps) and Myanmar (15.56 Mbps). Lighter dots represent countries whose LTE networks are still being developed while darker dots represent those with stronger LTE availability and speeds. It writes in its blog, "How fast a country's 4G speed is can depend on many factors: how much spectrum is devoted to LTE, whether it has adopted new 4G technologies like LTE Advanced, how densely networks are built and how much congestion is on those networks". All of these countries have fairly small populations, with little demand placed on their networks, whilst still fully embracing LTE advanced technology. El Salvador and Algeria were last on the list with 4G availability falling below 45 percent.

OpenSignal regularly releases reports of how well U.S. carriers are performing against each other based on millions of crowd-sourced data points collected from the app of the same name.