Help Payday Afford Gas to Cover West Virginia Teachers' Strike

  • Help Payday Afford Gas to Cover West Virginia Teachers' Strike

Help Payday Afford Gas to Cover West Virginia Teachers' Strike

The measure passed the House of Delegates by a 84-12 margin with four delegates not casting votes.

This Thursday and Friday, thousands of West Virginia Teachers in all 55 counties have voted to go on the first statewide teachers' strike since 1990.

The measure passed the Senate 27-6 Tuesday evening and was sent back to the House, which passed the bill at 8:53 p.m., sending the plan to Gov. Jim Justice to sign.

Teachers' unions say the 1 percent or 2 percent pay raise proposals aren't enough to keep current teachers in the classroom or recruit new teachers.

But Republicans said the bill is effectively the same and gives them the chance to pass higher raises in the future.

The House version passed last week called for a 2 percent increase this year and a 1 percent hike each year for three years. "There is this concept that the outlier years aren't really that significant or valuable in terms of reliability or confidence the 1 percent will mean anything or be there several years out".

"No. These folks are frustrated", she said.

The bill also applies to uniformed and administrative State Police. "We're going backward now". She said right now, teachers so plan to return to work on Monday- hence a walkout.

Some teachers are planning to travel to Charleston to demonstrate at the Capitol.

Few things in life are more import than the education of our children, a fact that seems to have fallen on def ears when it comes to the governing body of our state as they proceed to cut benefits and fail to offer fair pay to the teachers and other public employees that fill that and other important roles in our daily lives.


The West Virginia Senate Rules Committee had approved an amendment to the House's amendment to Senate Bill 267 Tuesday affecting the salary raises for teachers and some other state employees.