There are still bodies at the school, Broward sheriff says

  • There are still bodies at the school, Broward sheriff says

There are still bodies at the school, Broward sheriff says

The FBI special agent in charge of the Miami division, Robert Lasky, said Thursday that the bureau had received a tip about the YouTube comment past year, but that FBI database reviews and checks were "unable to further identify the person". "I'm going to be a professional school shooter", a user named Nikolas Cruz wrote. "We've had advance indications, and perhaps we haven't been effective enough in intervening immediately to deal with that". The startling admission came as the agency was already facing criticism for its treatment of a tip about a YouTube comment posted past year.

A stuffed toy slumps over in front of a sign at a makeshift memorial on a fence close to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School three days after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, U.S., February 17, 2018. "That's pretty disturbing and I need to let somebody know so they can look into this guy". After the shooting he fled the school by mixing in with other students fleeing the campus, he added.

Cruz, charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder, made a brief initial court appearance yesterday, in which he was ordered held without bond.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, carried a black duffel bag and a black backpack, where he hid loaded magazines, the report said.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said his office had received more than 20 calls about Cruz in the past few years.

A teenager accused of fatally shooting 17 people at a Florida high school was investigated by police and state officials as far back as 2016 after slashing his arm in a social media video, and saying he wanted to buy a gun, but authorities determined he was receiving sufficient support, newspapers said on Saturday.

"This shows there is a lack of fusing information in this country between law enforcement, mental health providers, those who are, you know, working in the schools, family members and the like", Campbell said. Federal law allows people 18 and older to legally purchase long guns, including this kind of assault weapon.

Cruz's mother Lynda Cruz died of pneumonia on November 1 neighbors, friends and family members said, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Weeks paused for several seconds before turning away from the camera so that it would not catch him crying.

"I'm going to be a professional school shooter", the comment on one of Bennight's videos read.

"An FBI investigation is only as good as the information that comes into the FBI", Campbell said.

The Miami Herald reports that Maria Thorne, a Key Biscayne fifth-grade teacher, said she and a friend dropped in on the fundraiser at the Ritz Hotel after she noticed motorcade traffic clogging up her commute home.