Marilyn Manson melts down at The Paramount, storms off stage Special

  • Marilyn Manson melts down at The Paramount, storms off stage Special

Marilyn Manson melts down at The Paramount, storms off stage Special

Newsday that a Marilyn Manson performance at a concert last night was cut short after Manson displayed "bizarre" behavior onstage. There were very drawn out versions of songs where Manson mostly rambled on about our lack of love and other weird things. Then, the band would begin songs and bring them to a halt after just a minute or so into the track.

The Dope Show artist, who had a cast on his leg, abruptly left the show, which was in support of his new record Heaven Upside Down, TMZ reported, noting that security ordered fans to leave the venue. A couple songs in, he went into a conversation with the crowd about how much we loved him (or not).

I wish I could say last nights show was fantastic, but it was just terrible.

Marilyn Manson put on the WORST show I have ever seen. "Asked for cheering and the usual rock star ego stuff". The Huntington show was originally scheduled for last fall but was postponed after the musician injured himself in a stage prop accident during a show in New York City.

The shock rocker had a show at The Paramount concert hall in Long Island Thursday night, which we're told got started 90 minutes late. But once it got to be 10 minutes of begging for adoration and no music, I think we all started to realise something was wrong'. Many people were yelling "F*ck you!", chanting and booing, especially at the end. "Anyway, I can't believe I have to write this but I am not a racist nor a bully and I loathe them in real life". I was sad and bewildered. "It was the strangest, saddest and worst concert I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot".

Manson and his band have had a hard few months. Shortly after, former guitarist Daisy Berkowitz (real name Scott Putesky) died from complications of colon cancer, and longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez (real name Jeordie White) was sacked from the group following allegations of sexual assault. He also received controversy after aiming a fake rifle at an audience in San Bernardino, California.